High Pressure Air Filter

High Pressure Air Filters Supplier in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam

Highly reliable and fully functional Filter Regulator can be availed at Neumart technology. This High-pressure air filters supplier in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam has an intense and toughly developed body which permits uncompromised execution even in most demanding and harsh. 1) High-quality filters  Line Filter: Ability to dispense with a clean molecule from 3 to 1 micron.  Line/Oil Mist/Deodorant channels are made to agree to ISO 8573 standard  Oil-Mist Filer: Ability to wipe out oil and tidy particles to 0.01 micron  Deodorant channel: Ability to absorb and dispose of oil vapor with a scent. 2) High durability  The filter housing is made of stainless steel to diminish rust. (Note: Alloyed aluminum for 15BX and underneath demonstrate) 3) Maintenance friendly  One of a kind lodging structure gives simple installation and maintenance.  Incorporates weight differential gage for oil mist channel for simple checking. 4) Simple model selection  Filter demonstrates number matches the rating of compressor nominal engine yield for simple model choice.